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By | May 16, 2014
live election result 2014, election report
Get live election result 2014 or live election report of the lok sabha election on internet. status of the result of BJP congress and AAP in the lok sabha election 2014.
Live election result 2014 update : After successful commencement of the lok sabha election 2014 toady on 16th May 2014 the counting of the votes is going on and in this election BJP alone is getting more than 272 seats as trends are going on. After 20 years the history of the Indian politics is repeating its self by scoring the huge amount of the votes in the lok sabha election. Till now the BJP leading on the 325 + seats whereas the congress is leading on the 75 seats apart from these two parties other small parties are collectively leading on the 143+ seats. After some time we will get the final repot on the lok sabha election 2014.
If you are looking for the live election result update 2014 then you can stay here and can watch the election trends on our website. Here we are providing you the live election result of all parties. You will get latest update on our website even on slow internet.
Live election result 2014 report : If you are a Modi supporter then its time to celebrate the election result of the lok sabha because now it is clear that BJP will won this election thats why BJP member and supporters sharing the sweets with each other and stated wishing the victory before the final result because they all know the victory of the BJP is definite.
If you are a Congress supporter than don’t be sad read about the scams like 2G,Coal Gate, CWG, Adarsh Society scam etc and also read about the speeches of the congress leader then may be your mind will get change. And also start taking about the development because the Indian youth know very well who is is secular. get update of election result .
live election result report : As all Indian know this election of lok sabha was based on the Gujarat development and Good governance and from Congress party they are just telling Narendra Modi is ” Khun ka Saudgar ” and they continuously  tried to fool people by saying this foolish thing but now Indian youth is  giving the answer to the parties. Rahul Gandhi was always used to talk about women development even in his first TV interview he just talk about women development and RTI and a big lol to him because that guy really don’t know what Arnab Goswami asked to him. And in his dehradun rally what he told everybody knows and as per my suggestion you can watch the Rahul Gandhi’s speech when you feel bored 😛 😛
Apart from Rahul, Narendra Modi always talked about development and good governance. And the youth of India is waiting for the development of the country by the Modi-fication.  And we all Inadian are expecting that Modi will develop this country by the good governance.
Now start your assumption how many seats will BJP win in this election 2014 because still people are thinking about this issue. If BJP alone socred more than 272+ than this will be very beneficial for the upcoming government.
Post your comments below what you thinking about this election result. And also discuss

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