live update of lok sabha election result 2014 state wise

By | May 16, 2014
People are looking for the live updates of lok sabha election 2014 on internet to know the result of various seats on different states. So we are here also providing you the live counting update of the lok sabha election 2014. We are trying to give you latest update of the lok sabha election 2014. And you can also predict the result of the election after some time.   






( Indian National Congress ) and 3 – AAP ( Aam Aadmi Party ). Maximum people are telling that “Abki Bar Modi Sarkar” and if we go with the exit poll then we can say in this election Modi is going to win but before result of the election it is not good to say this because Indian politics is like a cricket game. Anything can happen at any time.

                The lok sabha election  2014 was started on Monday ,7th April 2014 and finished successfully on Monday 12th May 2014 and today is the date of counting votes and announcement of result of the lok sabha election 2014. Let’s wait and watch which party will won the maximum seats and will be able to form a government for next 5 years.
                The main issue of this election was the corruption and development after expose of 2G scam, Coal Gate scam, CWG scams are the major scams from the hundreds of scams. Many politician caught red handed with allegation of the scams and many major industrialist also come in light.
                A new party AAP “ Aam Admi Party ” comes in existence with demand of Jan Lokpal Bill as a anti corruption bill. And AAP performs very good during the Delhi election and leader of AAP also thinking that the result of this election will  also come in favor of the AAP party.
The chief of AAP Mr. Arvind Kejriwal fought against the BJP Prime ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi from the Banaras. And whole world is eagerly waiting for the final result of this election because Arvind Kejriwal’s main issue is corruption and Narendra Modi is fighting this election on the name of Development.
Apart from these two party third party is Indian National Congress and this party is ruling on India since 1950. Maximum time congress was in the power and still they telling one day we will end the poorness and corruption from India. But as all India know they just know how to fool Indian people. Let’s see in this election they are going to make fool again or Indian people going to tell them now you are out.

live update of lok sabha election result 2014 state wise 

You can check the live update from our website. We are providing the latest result with short intervals so you can see whats going on during the counting .

How to get live update of lok sabha election of all states

If you are looking for the live update of the lok sabha election 2014 state wise then first click on the state name and then check the district name which you want to see. You can check the result of all party and can see the number of votes scored by the individual parties.

 Check result of Lok Sabha Election 2014 state wise

2              election 2014 result of Arunachal Pradesh           
3              election 2014 result of Assam    
4              election 2014 result of Bihar       
5              election 2014 result of Chhattisgarh        
6              election 2014 result of Goa         
7              election 2014 result of Gujarat  
8              election 2014 result of Haryana 
9              election 2014 result of Himachal Pradesh             
10           election 2014 result of Jammu and Kashmir         
11           election 2014 result of Jharkhand            
12           election 2014 result of Karnataka             
13           election 2014 result of Kerala     
14           election 2014 result of Madhya Pradesh               
15           election 2014 result of Maharashtra       
16           election 2014 result of Manipur
17           election 2014 result of Meghalaya           
18           election 2014 result of Mizoram               
19           election 2014 result of Nagaland              
20           election 2014 result of Orissa     
21           election 2014 result of Punjab   
22           election 2014 result of Rajasthan             
23           election 2014 result of Sikkim    
24           election 2014 result of Tamil Nadu           
25           election 2014 result of Tripura   
26           election 2014 result of Uttar Pradesh     
27           election 2014 result of Uttarakhand        
28           election 2014 result of West Bengal                        
 29           election 2014 result of new delhi 

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