Hindu New year 2015 | Gudi Padwa | Hindi Nav Varsh | Chaitra Shukl Prtipada

By | Mar 20, 2015

Hindu New year, Gudi Padwa, Hindi Nav Varsh, chaitra Shukl Prtipada are the name of Hindu new yearहिंदी नव वर्ष. Detail of hindi new year history and ways to celebrate. The first holy festival according to the Hindu calendar is the GudiPadwa. Gudipadwa marks the beginning of hindu new year or hindi nav varsh (हिंदी नव वर्ष). Every year in the month of March or April the beginning of hindi new year.This year march 21 2015 is the beginning of hindu new year. 21 march 2015 marks the celebration of hindu new year, new month and new day for all hindu across world.

Hindi new year falls on chaitra shukla partipada. Hindi new year (हिंदीनववर्ष) famous with several names like Gudhi Padwa (in Maharashtra), Ugadi (in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh). According to hindu ancient texts, on the day lord Brahma created the universe. Therefore this day carries many importance for all hindus. So all hindu religion followers celebrating this day as the hindi new year hindi naav varsh (हिंदीनववर्ष). On this special day of hindi new year celebration all hindu takes an auspicious bath, followed by decorating the home door way with a toran, performing different types of ritualistic worship and hoisting the gudhi.The festival of hindi new year or gudhi padwa also celebrated as Ugadi (or Yugadi) in the state of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


happy hindi new year pics images wallpaper

happy hindi new year pics images wallpaper

How to celebrate hindi nav varsha:

Across india all hindu celebrate hindinavvarsh with full of reverence and faith. To celebrate hindu new year or hindunavvarshhindu follows many different rituals and worships to make happy lord Brahma who is the creator of universe. Here we are providing some tradition followed on the celebration of hindi new year.

  • On the day of gudhipadwa or hindi new year all hindu wakeup at early morning and begins the day with ritual showers (oil bath).
  • All female busy to decorate the house with mango leaves and lovely rangoli.
  • After took showers all family members being together for pooja to god (specially lord Brahma) and PanchangaShravana.
  • After pooja complete all family members’ wishes to each other to hug and spreading peace and warm messages to each other.

On this day some of the special food will prepared by female like mixture of neem and jiggery called Bevu-Bella in kannada. This mixture symbolizes the real fact of life i.e. life is a mixture of good and bed, sorrow and happiness. This special food is very famous in Kannada. This special food on hindinavvarsh consist of:

  1. Neem Buds/Flowers for its bitterness, signifying Sadness
  2. Jaggery which is sweet, signifying Happiness

It’s all about the how to celebrate hindinavvarsh, how to celebrate hindi new year, how to make happy lord Bramha on the festival of hindunavvarsh 2015. Hop this article will definatly providing you good information about hindi new year or GudhiPadwa celebration. It’s also provide a better idea about the pooja and prepration on GudhiPadwa 2015.

Happy hindi new year to all of you.

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