List of richest person 2015 released by forbes

By | Mar 3, 2015

Forbes released the list of richest persons of world 2015. Let’s take a look of list of richest persons of worlds. Bill Gates emerged as world’s richest person in Annual Ranking of Global Billionaires in forbes magazine. Bill Gates has been crowned the world’s richest person for second time in row and it is 16th time in past 21 years.

Bill Gate is the American businessman, compueter programmer and co founder of world’s largest pc software company Microsoft Corporation. He beat the Mexican businessman carlos slim to stand atop in the annual ranking of forbes list of richest person.

Net worth of Bill gates rose to 79.2bn dollar (£51bn) from 76bn dollar a year earlier, after he unloaded one third of his remaining stake in the tech firm he co-founded in the 1970s.

According to the forbes list of richest person there are a recored 1826 billionaires in the world which is increase by 181 in past 1 year.

Mr Bill gates Is on top of the list for 16 years in past 21 years.

Also US inversor Warren Edward Buffett regained the 3rd place in the list of richest person by forbes magazine. Warren buffett has net worth of 72.7bn dollar.

Spanish Amancio Ortega ,founder of Zara owner Inditex, is fourth in the list with worth of at 64.5bn dollar, while Oracle chairman Larry Ellison was fifth with net worth of 54.3bn dollar.

Mark Zuckerberg founder of facebook, aged 30, rose to 16th place from 21st last year, with his net worth now 34.8bn dollar.

The youngest billionaires were Evan Spiegel, 24, and Bobby Murphy, 25, who co-founded mobile messaging app Snapchat, and are each worth $1.5bn.

Here we are  posting annual ranking list of Top 10 billionaires richest person of world by Forbes Magazine.

Bill Gates – Microsoft co-founder, 79.2 bn dollar

Carlos Slim Helu – Mexican telecoms mogul, 77.1bn dollar

Warren Buffett – investor, 72.7bn dollar

Amancio Ortega – Zara founder, 64.5bn dollar

Larry Ellison – Oracle co-founder, 54.3bn dollar

Charles Koch – American businessman across various industries, 42.9bn dollar

David Koch – various, 42.9bn dollar

Christy Walton – Walmart family, 41.7bn dollar

Jim Walton – Walmart family, 40.6bn dollar

Liliane Bettencourt – L’Oreal heiress, $40.1bn

 This is the list of richest persons of worlds by forbes. Now you can remember is for your GD or upcoming exams.

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