Navratri puja vidhi in English: Nav durga pujan procedure

By | Mar 20, 2015

How to perform navratri puja on first day of nav durga. Full detail of Navratri puja vidhi in English: Nav durga pujan procedure with all required things to do pooja and make kalash. Navratri celebration is among the most important and awaiting Hindu festivals. Navratri festival is celebrated with great zeal across India as well as outside country by all Hindus. Every year Navratri festival falls twice in a year. The meaning of ‘Navratri’ is ‘nine auspicious nights’.

Navratri (नवरात्री) is a pious festival celebrated in the honor of nine different forms of the Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati for nine continuous days. First navratri is falls in the month of march-april and second navratri falls in the month of September-October. During these nine day of navratri all Hindus worshiped goddess of Power in order to seek her blessings and protection from any unknown fear and possible threat. The devotees ask for peace and prosperity from the Goddess of power. The Goddess of power has the supremacy over the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe.

Navratri is start on 21 march 2015 in our country adhering to all tradition and rituals. In these nine day of navratri celebration an important and unique worshiped followed by all hindus. In this article we are going through the special navratri pujan vidhi or maa durga pujan vidhi in navratri celebration. Here, you all find the full Navratri Pooja Vidhi and step by step procedure of navratripooja.

Main requited items for the Navratri Pooja:

  • Picture or Idol of Goddess Durga in the Pooja room
  • DurgaSaptshati book
  • A dupatta or sari to offer to the deity
  • Ganga water or plain water in Kalash (pitcher)
  • Fresh grass
  • 5 leaves of Ashoka or Mango tree
  • Sandalwood
  • Roli, red sacred powder for tilak
  • One coconut
  • Rice
  • Supari (Areca nuts)
  • Moli, red sacred thread
  • Paan (Betel leaves)
  • Cloves
  • Cardamom
  • Kumkum (vermilion)
  • Gulal
Navratri puja vidhi in English

Navratri puja vidhi in English

Kalash Preparation| Kalash Sthapna

This is the most important and main for all nine days navratri celebration. For kalash preparation or kalash sthapna on navratri first day follow the following steps:

1) – on the first step we have taken the wide clay pot (the one which would be used to keep the Kalash). Fill that pot with soil and then sow the grains. Firstly spread or pour the pot with soil and then spread the grain seeds. After that add the second layer of the soil and then grains. At last spread the third and final layer of the soil into the pot. If requited then add little water to the pot to set the soil.

2) – in the second step tie the sacred thread or kalawa on the neck of the Kalash. After that pour the kalash with the holy water up to the neck. Now Drop Supari, scent, Durva grass, Akshat and coins into the water. Keep 5 leaves of Ashoka at the edge of the Kalash before covering it with a lid.

3) – at the last take the un-peeled coconut and wrap it inside the red cloth. Fasten the coconut and red cloth with the sacred thread.

4)– place this pot with temple and idols of goddess of power (Maadurga). During the celebration of navratri the worship will start with the poojan of kalash at the early morning of every navratri celebration.

All this is the procedure of kalash poojan or kalash sthapna on navratri festival. This kalash poojan done in all nine days of navratri. We are hoping that this article will be providing a good and important procedure about worshiped in navratri festival as well as kalash sthapna procedure in navratri.

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