5 Deadliest earthquake in world including Nepal

By | Apr 26, 2015

These are major 5 deadliest earthquake in world including Nepal. A massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude has shocked several parts of Nepal and North India on Sunday. In one of the deadliest earth-quake ever, more than 2000 people have died and several others have injured. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake was Lamjung district in western Nepal. The earth quake hit at around 12 pm local time in the noon.

deadlist earthquake in world

deadlist earthquake in world

Although Nepal bore the brunt of the Saturday’s high intensity earthquake, tremors were also felt in the adjoining Indian States of NCT Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Several people have succumbed to the house collapses.

In Nepal, the roads and buildings, many of them historical landmarks such as the Dharahara tower in Kathmandu and the Kalomochan Temple at Thapathali were completely destroyed in the impact.

Aftershocks on Sunday

A strong earthquake aftershock has struck Nepal and India on Sunday, shaking buildings in New Delhi and Bihar and triggering an avalanche in the Himalayas. The United States Geological Survey has said the tremor was 6.7 magnitude, less than the 7.9 quake that struck the region on Saturday killing over 2000 people. Tremors were also felt in various parts of Odisha including Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

Deadliest Earthquakes in world

  • Haiti on 12 January 2010: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti 5 years back in which 300,000 were also injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince area and in much of southern Haiti (According to the official estimates).
  • Indonesia (26 May 2006): In the 6.3 magnitude earthquake At least 5,749 people were killed, 38,568 were injured and as many as 600,000 people were displaced in the Bantul-Yogyakarta area. More than 127,000 houses were destroyed and an additional 451,000 were damaged in the area, with the total loss estimated at approximately 3.1 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Bhuj, Gujrat: A 7.6 magnitude strong earthquake hit Bhuj-Ahmadabad-Rajkot area on the morning of 26 January 2001. At least 20,085 people killed, 166,836 injured, approximately 339,000 buildings destroyed and 783,000 damaged in the Bhuj-Ahmadabad-Rajkot area and other parts of Gujarat.
  • Sumatra, Indonesia on 26 December 2004: A 9.1 magnitude intensity on Richter scale, this was the third largest earthquake in the world since 1900 and the largest since the 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska temblor. In total, 227,898 people were killed or were missing and presumed dead and about 1.7 million people were displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 14 countries in South Asia and East Africa.

    Earthquake HD Wallpapers-pictures images

    Earthquake HD Wallpapers-pictures images

  • Japan was struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake Tsunami on 11 March 2011. At least 15,550 people killed, 5,344 missing, 5,314 injured, 130,927 displaced and at least 332,395 buildings, 2,126 roads, 56 bridges and 26 railways destroyed or damaged by the earthquake and tsunami along the entire east coast of Honshu from Chiba to Aomori. The majority of casualties and damage occurred in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima from a Pacific-wide tsunami with a maximum runup height of 37.88 m at Miyako. The total economic loss in Japan was estimated at 309 billion US dollars.

Other than the above mentioned earthquakes many devastating earthquakes has shaken the earth from time to time causing uncounted losses of life and economic goods.

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