Sad friendship day sms in English or heart broken sms for friendship day 2015

By | Aug 1, 2015

Sad friendship day sms in English or heart broken sms for friendship day 2015 with dard e dil shayari, quotes messages to wish happy friendship day to ex gf, ex bf, wife, husband, lover are here. Guys, we know for every person friendship day is not happy. Some people become sad because their love left him / her and they miss their partner / friends.

 Here I would like to suggest you to do talk with your ex gf/bf, husband/wife or lover if he/she is still single. Try to convince him / her with telling him / her about the misunderstandings. Because love remains love even after breakup. On this friendship day send these sad friendship day sms wishes messages to say sorry and happy friendship day to your ex.

Here we collected sad friendship day sms messages wishes shayri or heart broken sms for friendship day or dard e dil shayari for ex. Now you can go through this post and check which sms is best for you.

Sad friendship day sms in English

Sound become music,
Movement becomes dance,
Smile becomes laughter &
Life becomes celebration.

When old friend keep in touch.

But today I am feeling alone
because you are not here.



On this lonely night

My little heart is paining hard

How can I be alright ?

When my love has fallen apart !!

best friendship day sms greeting cards free download

best friendship day sms greeting cards free download


 Heart Broken friendship day sms in English

I am not alone

Because loneness

Is always with me

Happy friendship day




Why did you hurt me?

Why did you made me cry ?

I loved you so badly

How can I say good bye?



If friends were flowers I would not pick you!

I’ll let you grow in the garden &

cultivate you with love and

care so I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!

Happy Friendship Day !!!



Without you

My life has become a dark night

Which neither has a moon nor has the stars



Life Isn’t That Bad
When You Have Someone To Take Care Of You.
But It Becomes Hell
When You Know There Isn’t One.


Days are empty

Nights are long

This life without you

Is like a pinching thorn


Dard e dil sms shayari for friendship day 2015

दूर होते हुए भी दोस्ती का रिश्ता निभाते हैं आप

नज़ाने क़ुँ दिल को लुभाते है आप

ये कैसा करिश्मा है आपका जो हमको इतना याद

आते हैं आप.

Happy friendship day



Hamaare to daaman mein kaanto ke siva kuch nahin.
Aap to phoolon ke kharid-daar nazar aate hain.
Jahan mein kitne dost mile hume par sabse ache aap nazar aate hain.




A single candle can illuminate an entire room
A true friend lights up an entire life
Thank u 4 bringing this light of friendshp in my life
Happy Friendship Day


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 Heart touching friendship day sms shayari for ex gf bf

If CARE is a WAVE,
i give u SEA.
i give u TREE.
i give u GALAXY,
i give u MINE 4 FREE..
keep smiling.




Sad friendship day sms in English or heart broken sms for friendship day 2015

Sad friendship day sms in English or heart broken sms for friendship day 2015

Sometimes my mind asks
Why? I miss u,
Why? I care 4 u,
Why? I remember u
Then my heart answered
Its simply bcoz you are a sweet friend!!



People Who Say Life Is Fair
To Everyone Have Never Fallen In Love.
And People Who Say Life Isn’t Fair At All,
Haven’t Had A Real Friend.

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Emotional friendship day sms messages for ex husband wife lover

Some Day you ‘ll cry for me like I cried for you

Some day you ‘ll miss me like I missed you

Some day you ‘ll need me like I needed you

Some day you ‘ll love me but I won’t love you


You are an important part of my life

It is really hard to live without you

Please come back soon

For I miss you a lot darling


Hope you like our collection on sad friendship day sms messages greetings or heart touching sms shayari on friendship day 2015. Now it’s time to send these friendship day sms shayari to wish your ex.

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