Saint Valmiki Life Story : Lord Valmiki

By | Oct 26, 2015

Every year in the month of ‘Aswine’ we celebrate the jyanti ‘Birthday Anniversary’ of Hindu epic Ramayana author Maharishi Valmiki. In this year we are 8 October, 2014 we are celebrating the birthday anniversary ofValmiki, This day of celebration is famous with the name of ValmikiJayanti or BalmikiJayanti. In this post, we shall know about Maharishi Valmiki, celebration of Valmikijayanti or Balmikijayanti.

Saint Valmiki Life Story:

Maharishi Valmiki is popularly known as Adi Kavi Valmiki (means first Poet is a name which as has immense value) or Saint Valmiki. Maharishi Valmikior Saint Valmikiin his early life was a highway dacoit named Ratnakar, who used to rob people after killing them.Once he (Dacoit Ratnakar) happened to meet Narada muni.Narada muni is the great devotee of Lord Narayana. When asked why he robs, the robber replied it was for his family maintenance. Narada muni asked the robber to go and ask whether his family members will share the sin that he was incurring by robbing;the robber said yes they will. But Narada muni asked him to practically go to home and ones confirm that with his family members. Dacoit Ratnakar eyes were opened when his all family members clearly denied bearing the burden of sin.

Then the robber Ratnakarsurrendered to Narada muni and became his disciple. Narada muni wanted to give him a mantra of ‘Load Rama’ and asked to repeat ‘Rama, Rama’… But Ratnakar being very sinful could not do this. Narada muni understood his Problem and asked him to repeat continuously ‘Mara Mara’, which became ‘Rama Rama’ later. Valmiki began to meditate on this name beneath a tree. He did it for so long so that ant-hills grew around his body. He got the name Balmiki from the ant-hills which are called ‘Balmiks’ in Hindi. Finally his heart got purified with presence of Lord Rama. With this he composed epic Ramayana which consists of 24,000 verses and 7 cantos (Kandas) including the Uttara canto.Valmiki is revered as the first poet of Sanskrit literature.

As per Ramayana, Shri Rama met Valmiki during his period of exile and interacted with him. Later, Valmiki gave shelter to Devi Sita in his hermitage when Rama banished her. Kusha and Lava, the twin sons of Shri Rama were born in his hermitage. Valmiki taught Ramayana to both twins.

Celebrations of ValmikiJayanti or BalmikiJayanti:

On the Birthday anniversary celebration of Valmikijayanti or Balmikijayanti, around India the followers of Maharishi Valmiki organised different types of activities (Such as: Valmikijayanti, shobhayatras, Kirtan, Ramayana reading in group (Ramayana Paath)). Different meetings are held and food distribution is done on the anniversary of Valmiki. Valmikijayanti is observed as Pargatdiwas by community of Maharishi Valmiki. Valmiki Ramayana is read and distributed on this day.

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