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Dev uthan shayari sms on Ekadashi ShuklaPaksha shayari sms

Ekadashi of ShuklaPaksha in KartikMaah (According to Hindu calendar), or October/November month is celebrated as Devothani Ekadashi. Devothani ekadashi is also famous with various names in different regions in India such as Prabhodhani Ekadashi, Dev Pradodini Ekadasi, Hari Prabodini Ekadasi, Uttahana Ekadasi and BadaEkadasi.The ritual fact behind the celebration of this festival is that on this day… Read More »

Chhat puja shayari sms msgs wishes 160 words- Chhat sms shayari in hindi

Chhat puja 2016  sms wishes messages in hindi for Family members and relatives: Jo HaiJagatkaTaranHar, SaatGhodo Ki HaiJinkiSavari, Na KabhiRuke Na Kabhi Der Kare, Aise He HamareSuryDev, Aao Mil KarKare Is Chhath Par Unki Puja, SabkoHamariTaraf Se Happy Chhath Puja *********** Chat puja 2016  sms wishes messages in hindi for Friends, Brother, sister, siblings: Chhath Ka… Read More »

Chhath puja surya mantra aarti in hindi -सूर्य मन्त्र आरती

Chhath puja surya mantra aarti  सूर्य मन्त्र आरती: Chhath puja-pooja is one of the famous and highly awaiting festivals of all Hindu community in all over the world; but mostly this festival is highly celebrated in India only. On this occasion of Chhathpooja-puja all Hindus family prayed our lord Surya (सूर्य) (chief of solar deity). Surya… Read More »

Chhat puja ke bhajan songs mp3 – छठ पूजा के भजन

Chhat puja ke bhajan songs mp3 – छठ पूजा के भजन: Chhath puja or dalachhath is a festival with an aim to express thanks to Sun God for offering energy to earth continuously enabling the environment suitable for the people to live. Chhath puja is also called ‘Suryasasthi’ as this occasion observed after the sixth day of… Read More »