Chhat puja ke bhajan songs mp3 – छठ पूजा के भजन

By | Nov 16, 2015

Chhat puja ke bhajan songs mp3 – छठ पूजा के भजन: Chhath puja or dalachhath is a festival with an aim to express thanks to Sun God for offering energy to earth continuously enabling the environment suitable for the people to live. Chhath puja is also called ‘Suryasasthi’ as this occasion observed after the sixth day of Diwali celebration.To make this festival more energetic music plays an important role. As we all understood that our Indian music industries have rich music and songs for every occasion, moment and every part of life. All time our Indian music industries compose and relished many occasion based song before the festival celebration. Music entwined into miraculous words creates an inexorable magic in our complete body as well as our soul. Music is beyond the limitations and boundaries to express the fillings in between persons. Music is a simple way that makes the every moments of life and the around environment magically happy. So our Bollywood and Bhojpuri cinemause this key component and composed many songs those are fit to express the internal happiness felling in the musical words.

In this article we collected and compiled a list of songs, Chhath puja Mp3 song list, latest chhath puja songs, chhath puja Bhojpuri songs those are very much famous on chhath puja occasion. Download this songs by clicking the song download link provided in this article and listing sending these latest chhath puja songs to your loved one through many social networking sites, Watsapp chhath puja songs, Wechat, hike, viber etc. we are surlysaythat you must make this chhath puja, Chhath pujamubarak and Chhath puja 2015, for your loved ones, all the more stimulating filled with the melody of joy and enthusiasm with these songs. So please go through the article and celebrating chhath puja with latest collection of chhath puja songs, Bhojpuri chhath puja songs 2015, Chhath puja Mp3 song download, download latest chhath puja songs, chhath puja Bhojpuri songs download them and fell more gusto in the celebration of your chhath puja celebration.

छठ पूजा के भजन / गाने फ्री डाउनलोड:

S. No.Song name MP3 song download link
1.Chhat hi Maiya Bhari Deeyo
4.Daala Achhi Haath Muda
7.KekarNaiya Mein IrchiMeerichiya
8.Konpi Konpi Bolalen Suruj Dev

The above list of Bhojpuri chhath puja songs 2015, Chhath puja Mp3 song, latest chhath puja songs 2015, chhath puja Bhojpuri songs download them and hike your celebration of chhath puja with your friends, relatives and well-wishers.

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