Chhath puja third day shubh muhurat panchang of 17 November 2015

By | Nov 12, 2015

Chhath puja third day shubh muhurat panchang of 17 November 2015: Around one week after the celebration of festival of light, Diwali or Deepavali another most famous festival comes and celebrated with full of gusto by all Hindus Family in India. This day of celebration is very highly celebrated in some region of India like; Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Terai area of Nepal. This holy festival is a four day of celebration, each day having its own specification and importance. The festival of chhath puja specially dedicated to the worship of our lord Surya (सूर्य). Lord syrya is chief of solar deity. Lord Surya symbolizes the sun god and Hindu religious literature. Surya (सूर्य) is notably mentioned as the visible form of God that one can see every day.

On the occasion of chhath puja all Hindu family performs a special prayer of sun god is also known as suryashashtichhath is considered to be an opportunity to thank Sun god for bestowing the bounties of life on earth and also to pray for fulfillment of wishes. This prayer has its own importance and existence on the chhath puja celebration. Chhath puja| chhathpoojacelebration will be incomplete until the prayer of Lord Surya or sun god is complete in proper manner and proper timing or best timing. In this chhath puja each day having different activities are performed by family member or parents (mother and father) in a proper ritual manner and on an auspicious time, subhmuhurat, poojamuharat.

chhath puja 2015 pics images wallpaper for free download

chhath puja 2015 pics images wallpaper for free download

It is the tradition and faith of people that if prayer, worship, pooja-puja is done at the proper timing of chhath puja-2015 or Shubh Muhurat of SandhyaArghya 2015 or Shubh Muhurat Sandhya Arghya, then all the desire is fulfill soon. So in the post all our followers/ readers are getting the best timing of chhath puja first day activity i.e. Sandhya Arghya 2015 or Sandhya Arghya 2015 proper timing.

Chhath Puja, Sandhya Arghya – 17th November, 2015 Offering Arghya to the setting Sun is the main ritual of the day

  • Specification of Chhath puja, SandhyaArghya (third day of Chhath puja 2015) celebrates:A full day fast without water is observed on the third main day of Chhath Puja. Offering Arghya to the setting Sun is the main ritual of the day. It is the only time of the year when Arghya is given to the setting Sun. The third day fasting continues throughout the night. Parana is done on the next day after sunrise
  • The festival of Chhath puja, Sandhya Arghya (third day of Chhath puja 2015) is celebrates on Tuesday, 17th November, 2015.
  • Shubh Muhurat (Auspicious Timings): the best timing and Shubh Muhurat to perform Chhath puja, sandhya arghya activity here please follow the auspicious timing chart proving here:

Chhat puja Shubh Muhurat (Auspicious Timings):

  • Abhijit Muhurta: 11:44 – 12:27
  • Amrit Kalam: 23:09 – 24:37+
  • Inauspicious Timings (Ashubh Muhurat): we advise to our reader please don’t perform NahaiKhai activity in this inauspicious timing.
Inauspicious Timings:

  • Dur Muhurtam: 10:19 AM to – 11:02 AM (IST)
  • Varjyam: 06:43 PM to 08:11 PM (18:43 – 20:11) or
    02:34 PM to 03:17 PM (14:34 – 15:17)-(IST)
  • Rahu Kalam:01:25 PM to 02:45 PM (13:25 – 14:45)
  • Gulikai Kalam: 09:26AM – 10:46 AM (IST)
  • Yamaganda: 06:47AM – 08:06 AM (IST)
  • Timing of Sunrise & Sunset on 29 October 2015:
  • Sunrise: 06:43 AM
  • Sunset: 05:28 PM or 17:28
  • Hindu Sunrise: 06:47 AM
  • Hindu Sunset: 05:24 PM or17:24
  • Moonrise: 06:11 PM or 18:11
  • Moonset: 06:51AM
  • Sunsign: Vrischika
  • Moonsign: Vrishabha
  • Surya Nakshatra: Anuradha
  • Drik Ayana: Dakshinayana
  • Drik Ritu: Hemant (Prewinter)
  • Vedic Ayana: Dakshinayana
  • Vedic Ritu: Sharad (Autumn)

Chhat Puja Tithi & Panchang:         

  • Shaka Samvat: 1937 Manmatha
  • Chandramasa: Kartik – Amanta
  • Vikram Samvat: 2072 Kilaka
  • Margashirsha – Purnimanta
  • Gujarati Samvat: 2072
  • Paksha: Krishna Paksha
  • Tithi: Pratipada

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