Dev Diwali history, specification and special events and shubh muhurat

By | Nov 24, 2015

Dev Diwali history, specification and special events and shubh muhurat: DevDewali, Dev Deepavali is also known as the Diwali of the Gods or Festival of Lights of the Gods. This festival of light of the gods is a very much famous festival in India and it is highly celebrated in every region of India with different rituals and different names. This famous festival or utsav is highly celebrated in the holy city Varanasi every year in the month of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar.

This occasion of Dev Deepavali is celebrated around the world and all regions in India with the different names such as; for the Jains community this day is celebrating named as ‘Nirvana’ of Lord Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara etc. To them it is the Deva Diwali or Dev Deepavali when Lord Mahavira is worshiped.

On this special day all Jain religion follower read Jain Holy books Agamsat homes and temples with family members, friends and relatives. Lamps are lit under the moonlight sky and a family feast celebrates this day. Dev Diwali also known as Tripurari Purnimasnan, this occurs on Kartiksud 15 – Purnima.

There are many stories/history behind the celebration of the festival of light of gods. In this article our content writing team presenting the best collection of History of Dev Diwali, Story of celebration of Devdevali festival, Dev Deepavali importance and specification and Dev Deepavali shubh Muhurat.

Origin of Dev Deepavali celebration:

  • Dev Deepavali is the celebration by all the gods, after leaving king Bali, the Lord rejoined the devas on this day. The devascelebrated His arrival in jubilation and thus Dev Diwali came into being.
  • Dev Deepavali is also famous and celebrating as TripurariPurnima: According to the 7thSkandh of the ShrimadBhagwat cites the story. With the help of Tarak and Vidyunmaali, a demon named Muydaanav constructed three aerial ‘purs’ – cities; of gold, silver and iron, which he gave to the demons. With these, the demons flew wherever they wished, destroying the places where they landed. The devas then approached Lord Shiv for succor. Another reference cites that Naradji instigated the 3 demons to destroy Kailas – Lord Shiv’s abode. An angered Shiv then destroyed the three purs. Henceforth he became known as Tripurari. The devas rejoiced on this day, hence Dev Diwali.

Important Events on Dev Deepavali:

On the occasion of celebrating Dev Deepavali all Hindu religions follow the rituals and celebrating this festival with full of gusto and faith. In India different Hindu communities celebrating this dev Diwali with different names, we are mentioning these different events in this article.

  • Event celebrating by SwaminarayanSampraday: BhagwanSwaminaryan’s mother, Bhaktimata, was born on this day in Samvat 1798 in Chhapaiya Uttar Pradesh, North India.
  • Nirvana: Jains community this day is celebrating named as ‘Nirvana’ of Lord Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara etc. To them it is the Deva Diwali or Dev Deepavali when Lord Mahavira is worshiped.
  • NimbarkJayanti: Dev Diwali is also celebrating as NimbarkJayanti. In the 12th century, NimbarkAcharya, the proponent of Dwaitadvait philosophy and SanakSampraday was born on this day. He was the first to consecrate Radha’smurti with Shri Krishna in mandirs, enjoining the eternal principle of dual worship of Bhakta and Bhagvan i.e. to become an ideal devotee like Radha in order to worship Krishna.
  • ShrimadRajchandraJayanti: Dev Diwali is also famous with ShrimadRajchandraJayanti. About 150 years ago, ShrimadRajchandra was born on this day in Vavania, a village in Saurashtra. Though a Jain, he declared the absolute need of a manifest Satpurush for ultimate salvation.

DevDeepawali or festival of light of god’s festival celebration (Utsav) is also known as Tripurotsav which is observed on the auspicious day of KartikPurnima.On the occasion ofDevDeepawalimahotsav, devotees take a holy dip in Ganges on the auspicious day of KartikPurnima.


Dev Deepavali celebration shubh Muhurat (Kartik Purnima begins and end timing):

Kartik Purnima Tithi Begins = 05:39 on 25th November 2015
Kartik Purnima Tithi Ends = 02:44 on 26th November 2015

On this occasion at evening bank of ganga and all Hindu houses are light earthen lamps or Diya(s). When the dusk sets, the steps of all the Ghats on the riverfront of the Ganges are lit with millions of earthen lamps. Not only the Ghats of Ganges but also all temples of Benares are lit with millions of Diya(s).

Our content writing team compiles this article to cover all the stories/history, specification and special events occurred on this occasion of Dev Diwali. If you feel any of the information we have to add here please mail us, we are respect your comments and complements.

Happy Dev Diwali 2015, with lot of warm wishes to all our readers and followers from our entire team members.

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