Devothani ekadashi story in english – Dev utthan ekadashi story

By | Nov 22, 2015

As per the Indian Hindu calendar in the month of Kartik Maah or October|November month every year on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha (bright half) celebrating as the Devothani Ekadashi. In this year Dvothani ekadashi is celebrated on 22 November 2015.  Devothani ekadashi is also famous with various names in different regions in India such as Hari Prabodini Ekadasi, Uttahana Ekadasi, Prabhodhani Ekadashi,Dev Pradodini Ekadasi, and Bada Ekadasi. All the auspicious events are held after the celebration of the Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi like weddings, ring ceremony, business opening etc. manymore good events.The result of Devuthani Ekadashi puja-pooja is same as performing many Ashvamedha Yagyas. The story of this Ekadashi was narrated by Lord Brahma to his son Narada Muni.

Story/history behind the celebration of Devuthani Ekadashi:

The origin of celebrating of Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi is different in different regions of India.  Some of them we are consider here, thus all my readers are known the reason behind the celebration of Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi.

Story 1 of Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi:

The origins of this sacred day, Long time back there was a King named Bali who was very famous and known for his kindness and spirituality. Once to test him Lord Vishnu incarnated as ‘Vaman’ and came to King Bali’s Yagna.

Vaman asked King Bali to give him land that he could cover in three steps. The King on the other hand offered to give him much more than he asked, but Vaman stuck to his demand. Making fun of the request the King agreed.

After which the small Vaman took a gigantic form and covered all the areas King Bali owned in just two steps. After which he asked Bali to give him land to place his third Step Recognizing the Lord.

Story 2 of Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi:

Once there was a demon named Mura who followed the path of dishonesty and immorality. He considered Lord Vishnu his major enemy and wanted to conquer him at all costs.

Once when Lord Vishnu was sleeping the Demon attacked him. At this point the female power of Lord Vishnu gathered together to form a Devi (Goddess). She attacked the demon and killed him at once.

When Lord Vishnu woke up from his sleep he was really pleased with the events that had just taken place. He named the Devi Ekadashi and granted her magnificent beauty, wealth and intelligence.

She, however, declined all this and requested the Lord to bless people who observed Probhidini Ekadashi. The Lord granted her wish and total 24 Ekadashi are celebrated in a year. All the past sins of a person are burned by observing this auspicious Devuthani Ekadashi.

Celebrations of the Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi:

The Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi is celebrated like any other Ekadashi ritual festival by performing fasting and performing Jagran (staying awakefull night). It is believed that by fasting on Devuthani Ekadashi or Probhodini Ekadashi we get rid of our past Karmas and get a chance to begin a new life.

On the celebration of this special day some additional ritual activates are performed at home by women (mother, housewife).  The methods of the Dev Uthani Ekadashi Puja Festival are:

  • The courtyard or the room should be cleaned and with limestone or chuna,
  • Firstly an image of Lord Vishnu is drawn on the ground with geru,
  • The Deepak or diyaor Lamps are lit around lord Vishnu image,
  • After that fruits and vegetables are offered to this fresh image,
  • Then image is covered with a big brass plate symbolizing that lord is sleeping (In some regions),
  • Bhajans are dedicated to lord Vishnu to shed his sleep and wake up and bless people.
  • To wake the Lord, children light mustard torches at night and make lot of noise.
  • The most important part of the puja. People perform Tulsiji ka Vivah on this day with Shaligram.

Required material for applying  Devuthani Ekadashi Puja: 

The Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi is celebrated like any other Ekadashi ritual festival by performing worship of ‘isth bhagwan’ and lord Vishnu. Here we are listing some of the required components that are useful to performing special pooja-puja-worship of lord Vishnu on Probhodini Ekadashi or Devuthani Ekadashi.

  • Puja ki Thali,
  • ghee ka chirag,
  • Kapoor,
  • Agarbatti,
  • Dhoop,
  • jal ka LOTA;
  • Atta for making chawk;
  • Rice-paste;
  • Pata; Dal urd kali + rice + Radish + Singhare + sweet potato + papar + salt;
  • 5 sugarcane with leaves

This article is specially compile to our readers/seekers who wants to know about the Devuthani Ekadashi ritual festival specification, Devuthan Ekadsahi Pujan vidhi, Tulsi Puja specification, Devthan ekadashi Virat vidhi, Pujan samagri, required material to performing puja of Lord Vishnu. If you feel, we have missed any information that is helpful for your friends visiting this article, do post. We would be glad to receive your comments and conversation.

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