Teaching Career in India | Pros and Cons of Teaching

By | May 31, 2016

Teaching somebody is the noblest thing one can ever do. Without teaching and learning, the mankind will cease to flourish gradually with time. This is a very necessary profession and in this following article, there are some points about getting a job as a teacher and advantages as well as disadvantages of being a teacher. Here enlisted below are some pointers that might be helpful to you.

The pros of a job as a teacher

  • Teaching teaches you tons of things. It teaches how to interpret and explain yourself to your students. Without this ability one would be in serious dilemma when things are out of control.
  • Teaching jobs induces in a person the quality of punctuality and discipline. Taking control of self is necessary before taking control of others. This is why being disciplined and punctual is what you need to learn when you become a teacher.
  • In India, teaching jobs offer a very good paycheck. Professors and lecturers earn a lot more than any other profession with a great salary as well as mind blowing job, who would not want a life like that?
  • The work involves the usage of brain and is not a job of physical labor. The job is comforting and doesn’t involve any intense physical activity such as lifting things up, moving heavy things etc.
  • Last but not the least, being a teacher gives you a massive amount of respect. Teaching professions are one of the prestigious professions in India and people respect professors and teachers a lot. So this is a win –win situation in every direction.

The cons of a job as a teacher

Teaching jobs are great, but as we all already know…everything has its disadvantages too. Even though the list is small, it is worth taking a look at.

  • Not everyone can pull of the job of a teacher. The exams are pretty hard to crack and most of the time people lack the confidence needed to be a teacher.
  • A teacher must have a sound personality. Without which he or she is bound to have a hard time with the students. So in a nutshell, wanting to be a teacher is not good enough to be one…. You need to prepare for it first.
  • Sometime things can go out of hand. The stress of parents, homework, guidelines, syllabus, and pace of learning of the students…all of these can lead to a mess. But all of these are part of the job. It is bound to happen and is absolutely normal .in these kinds of situations, people are advised to keep calm and think clearly. Panicking won’t do any good and that’s why they are suggested to keep the head cool.

How to get a job as a teacher

If we talk about the reputed institutions then to get a job as teacher, a candidate must have to full fill these criteria:

  • Firstly in India, for a teacher’s job one needs at least a Bachelor degree with any teaching training like B ed, BTC or D ed. Completing the study and pursuing a post graduate degree is one step towards teaching career.
  • A proper application has to be made in order to get a seat in the exam. An admit card will be sent to the candidate with the venue and time along with the date of the exam.
  • The exams contain aptitude tests, language skills, mathematics, general knowledge and Child development & Pedagogy…after the exams, proper selection through general methods will be carried out and then the candidate will be asked to appear for an interview.

Building yourself up to be a teacher is a necessary thing other than preparing for the exam or interview. One needs to be a friend and a helper who understands the children. If you cannot communicate to people or children, you will definitely face problems while teaching. The student would not find you interesting and will eventually give up listening. One has to engage them and build up their interest before being all bossy a strict. And most of the time, children follow those teachers who are caring and understanding rather than those who are strict and harsh. Try to be gentle with the kids.

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