How to crack Jee Advanced exam easily : Tips n Tricks

By | Jul 11, 2016

Joint Entrance Exam is scary enough for most engineering aspirants. But when you top that on with Joint Entrance Exam Advanced – Students just ask one question – wasn’t one enough? This is such a competitive exam, which determines if you are eligible to get into the Indian Institute of Technology. So it that is your aim, these are few tips that might help you to achieve your goal.

  1. Your first hurdle is clearing the mains. Clearing this at least gives you the option to get admissions into various top engineering colleges like NIT’s and other government and private colleges. If only to get the desired percentile would you be eligible for sitting for JEE advanced. This exam is carefully set to assess the applicants’ aptitude on the basis of logical, analytical and reasoning skills. To clear this you have to be quick and have extensive knowledge of the following subjects:
  • Physics: You should be well aware of concepts like kinematics, electromagnetism and dynamics.
  • Chemistry: You need to have a fundamental understanding of both physical and inorganic chemistry.
  • Mathematics: You have be absolutely thorough on topics like calculus, determinants, sequences, permutation and combination etc. Apart from this you also need to know geometry and vectors.
  1. Once you have cleared your JEE Mains, and you are eligible for JEE advance – you are in the big leagues. While you have the option for getting into the various top colleges in India; you also have the golden chance to take a hit for JEE Advanced.

JEE Advanced compromises of two parts – Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper compromises of physics, chemistry and mathematics which is further divided into 2 sections in the first paper and 3 sections in the second one. Each paper consists of 60 marks; with each subject have 20 marks dedicated to it.

  1. Physics: Apart from mechanics and electrodynamics, students need to focus on heat, optics, thermodynamics and modern physics.
  2. Chemistry: Mostly students should concentrate on physical, organic and inorganic chemistry.
  3. Mathematics: To crack JEE advanced you need to ace in coordinate geometry, probability, permutation and combination etc. Students should also have a good knack on formulas and problem solving and know a great deal about trigonometry.

Apart from these, students should also follow these last minute tips:

  1. Other than being extremely proficient in physics, maths and chemistry, you need to practice a lot of sample papers.
  2. Understand that taking too much tension wouldn’t help you one bit and it would only hamper your chances. Be confident and attempt the paper to the best of your capabilities.
  3. Keep the faith alive, you are the rare few who are giving the JEE advanced test, remember that and give your best.

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