Dhanteras puja Shubh muhurat on 28 oct 2016 | Dhanteras 2016 shubh muhurt

By | Oct 27, 2016

Dhanteras puja Shubh muhurat on 28 oct 2016 | Dhanteras 2016 shubh muhurt | धनतेरस शुभ मुहूर्त २०१६, sun rise, sunset, Ravi pushya yoga to buy gold: The enthusiasm for Diwali celebration is warming high the surroundings. As we skull towards an electrifying weekend to have a good time Diwali, the opening day of the five-day-long Diwali festival, Dhanteras is on Friday, 28th October, 2016. Dhanteras is also famous as Dhantrayodashi Puja, falls on the 13th lunar day of Karthik Krishna Paksha, of the Hindu month of Kartik (October-November). It is an favorable day to pay money for new things for the house, especially gold and silver. Dhannteras is an time to offer our prayer to Goddess Lakshmi, along with Lord Kuber.

Dhanteras puja Shubh muhurat on 28 oct 2016 | Dhanteras 2016 shubh muhurt

Dhanteras puja Shubh muhurat on 28 oct 2016 | Dhanteras 2016 shubh muhurt

Significance of Dhanteras puja

The legend goes that on this day of Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi came out from the ocean of milk through the churning of the sea.

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According to one more mythological belief, dhanteras ascribes to the legend of the 16-year-old son of King Hima. His horoscope predicts death for him, four days after his wedding. His wife cunningly heap all her jewellery and gold coins at the doorway and did not let her husband be asleep all night. When Yama came, he was blinded by the stunning heap of gold coins. He sat outside their house for the full night and kept listening to the songs and bhajans his wife sang. Yama left in the next morning noiselessly and the young prince was saved.

Dhanteras puja Shubh muhurat

  • 17:35 to 18:20 (24-hour format)
    05:35 to 06:20 PM (12-hour format)
    Duration = 0 Hours 45 Mins
  • Pradosh Kaal = 17:35 to 20:11 (04:35 to 08:11 PM)
  • Vrishabha Kaal = 18:35 to 20:30 (06:35 to 08:30 PM)

Important Timings On Dhanteras

ActivityDate Time
SunriseOctober 29th, 201606:37 AM
SunsetOctober 29th, 201618:07 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Begins (Dhantrayodashi Starting Timing)October 27th, 201616:15 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Ends (Dhantrayodashi Ending Timing)October 28th, 201618:20 PM
Pradosh Kaal TimingOctober 27th, 201617:35 to 20:11

Dhanteras shubh muhurat for Shopping and purchasing new good and items: Date and Time (Dhanteras kharidari ka shubh muhurat) or Dhanteras Shubh Muhurat to Buy Gold Silver Potes etc. on



  1. Pushya Nakshatra to Buy Gold

October 22, 2016 (Saturday) – 20:27 to 30:38+
Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 20:27 to 30:38+
Night Muhurta (Shubh, Amrit, Char) = 21:15 – 25:57+
Early Morning Muhurta (Labh) = 29:05+ – 30:38+

  1. Ravi Pushya Yoga to Buy Gold

October 23, 2016 (Sunday) – 06:38 to 20:39
Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 06:38 to 20:39
Morning Muhurta (Char, Labh, Amrit) = 08:05 – 12:23
Afternoon Muhurta (Shubh) = 13:49 – 15:15
Evening Muhurta (Shubh, Amrit, Char) = 18:07 – 20:39

  1. Dhantrayodashi Muhurat to Buy Gold

October 27, 2016 (Thursday) – 16:15 to 30:40+
Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 16:15 to 30:40+
Evening Muhurta (Amrit, Char) = 16:39 – 21:13
Night Muhurta (Labh) = 24:22+ – 25:57+
Early Morning Muhurta (Shubh, Amrit) = 27:32+ – 30:40+

  1. Dhantrayodashi Muhurat to Buy Gold

October 28, 2016 (Friday) – 06:40 to 18:20
Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 06:40 to 18:20
Morning Muhurta (Char, Labh, Amrit) = 06:41 – 10:57
Afternoon Muhurta (Shubh) = 12:22 – 13:48
Afternoon Muhurta (Char) = 16:38 – 18:04

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Lord Kuber and maa Lakshmi bless you lot on this dhunteras celebration. Please shear this link to your friends, relatives, and all near and dears. Thinking you to join us…!

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